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Local Rules

Local Rules Update

Hello fellow TPWGC members. The board recently approved an updated set of local rules for our club. An email went out earlier this evening to all members to alert all of the changes. Since not everyone checks their email daily, please be sure to share the news with your fellow members. The updated rules can…

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Meeting minutes

TPWGC 2/10/2021 Board Meeting

Present: Jan Kelleher, Michi Nakamura, Linda Holmgren, Kitty Masters, Cindy Velasquez, Masako Schleifer, Mary Shepperd, Judy Dennis, Susan Boeshart, Laura Borja Absent: Patty Russell, Patty Crigler, MC Eastman, Ellen Kohls The meeting was called to order by President, Jan Kelleher at 10:08 am. The following reports were made: Rules:  Rules Director, Mary Shepperd asked for…

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Scoring at TPWGC using GG

Scoring during TPWGC rounds

All TPWGC rounds are to be reported using the USGA TM Golf Genius (GG app) beginning with the January 5th round.  We will NOT be using GGID’s and you should continue to use your email and password to use the GG app. Please go to the Day of Play Procedures page to read through the NEW…

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Contacting TPWGC members

Contacting other TPWGC members

Are you looking to contact fellow TPWGC members? Our new website and GG (USGA TM Golf Genius) integration requires us to keep certain personally identifiable information private.  That means that giving members full access to TPWGC member’s email, phone number etc is prohibited. But, there is a solution. You are able to message fellow member…

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Stay in the Loop

We are now offering you the ability to get email notifications when new posts go up on the Torrey Pines Women’s Golf Club Site These posts will include President’s Messages, updates from handicap and rules, new tournament information and new event updates etc. You will NOT receive any spam from us and your email will…

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TPWGC 10/27/2020 Board Meeting

Attendees:  Jan Kelleher, MC Eastman, Michi Nakamura, Patty Russell, Patty Crigler, Judy Dennis, Susan Boeshart, Linda Holmgren, Mary Middleton, Patty Crigler, Kitty Masters, Masako Schleifer, Ellen Kohls, Fran McClure, Cindi Velazquez, Mary Shepperd Absentees:  Brenda Hetherington President Jan Kelleher opened the meeting at 12:40 pm. Old Business: Jan reported the results of the vote taken…

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TPWGC 8/26/2020 Board Meeting

Attendees:  Patty Crigler, Masako Schleifer, Judy Dennis, Linda Holmgren, Jan Kelleher, Brenda Hetherington, Ellen Kohls, Susan Boeshart, Michi Nakamura, Patty Russell, Fran McClure  Absentees:  Kitty Masters, Mary Middleton, MC Eastman  President Jan Kelleher opened the online Board meeting at 8:16 am.   The meeting was a continuation of a previous Board meeting, held on August 12,…

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TPWGC 8/12/2020 Board Meeting

Attendees: Susan Boeshart, Patty Crigler, Ellen Kohls, Linda Holmgren, Kitty Masters, Masako Schleifer, Michi Nakamura, Judy Dennis, Brenda Hetherington, Mary Middleton, Patty Russell, Jan Kelleher, Fran McClure Absentees: MC Eastman At 8:02 am, President Jan Kelleher opened the meeting. The meeting was held online, using Zoom. Board Reports: President: Jan thanked Linda Holmgren for continuing…

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TPWGC Board Meeting 1/11/2020

Attendees: Jan Kelleher, Patty Crigler, Fran McClure, Kitty Masters, Mary Middleton, Susan Boeshart, Michi Nakamura, Ellen Kohls, Linda Holmgren, Judy Dennis, Brenda Hetherington, MC Eastman  Non-attendees:  Masako Schleifer, Patty Russell  President Jan Kelleher opened the meeting at 1:30 pm.  Reports: Vice-President/Tournament Director:  Patty Crigler reported that the pay-outs for the Gross and Net Ace of Aces…

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Past TPWGC Board Meeting Minutes

General Meeting November 12, 2019   In the absence of President Patty Russell, Vice-President Patty Crigler opened the General Meeting at 12:35 pm.  The proposed Board of Directors for 2020 were presented for a vote:                 President:  Jan Kelleher                Vice President/Tournament Director:  Patty Crigler           …

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Pro Shop Discount

TPWGC members will receive 25% off soft good at the Torrey Pines pro shop on 12/15/2020. The discount WILL NOT apply to US Open branded items. Also, please be aware that only 12 people at a time will be allowed in the pro shop. Don’t miss out the chance to use your Sweeps Winnings!

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