General Policies

All club sweeps and tournament winnings are credited to be spent in the Pro Shop. Winnings may be applied to cart passes and soft goods. A 20% discount will be given on non-sale soft goods only.

TPWGC board will provide the golf shop with the sweeps winnings for each round at the end of each month. Therefore, if you earn sweeps money the first week of the month, your winnings will not be available until the following month. The pro shop will track ongoing member sweeps winnings and deduct purchases. Members may call or talk to pro shop employees to check sweeps balances.

A quarterly sweeps balance update will be posted  on Golf Genius HERE. You will need to log in using your Golf Genius credentials to access the page.

No charges over your account balance will be allowed. If you don’t have sufficient funds in your account, you may complete your purchase with cash or credit card.  

Once a person is no longer a member, the balance in her sweep account must be used within a 3 month period or the funds will be forfeited to the Club’s general account.

Pace of Play is IMPORTANT.

A round at Torrey Pines golf course should take no more than 4 1/2 hours.

Remember that your correct position on the golf course is directly behind the group in front of your, NOT immediately ahead of the group behind you. 

That means that on a par 3 you should be ready to tee off as soon as the group in front of you has cleared the green and is safely away from the area.  On a par 4 and 5, you should tee off as soon as the group in front is out of range from your tee shot.

Play ready golf. Plan out your shot before you get to your ball. Whenever it’s safe, play your shot if your playing partners are not ready. On the green, putt out whenever possible rather than marking your ball and waiting.  If your group falls behind,  the first 2 players to hole out should go on to the next tee box to help in speeding up play.  

Keeping up with pace of play DOES NOT mean foregoing the rules. Unless a player is picking up on the hole, all strokes must be taken. There are no gimmies.

Sign Ups

Sign ups for rounds will be available at 7PM 4 weeks prior to the day of play. All tee time sign ups must be done using the TPWGC portal or the Golf Genius App.

The calendar page has the current anticipated play days as well as when sign ups will be open for each. In addition, the calendar will show the type of reservation allowed. For example, if it says Member +1, that means that each member will be allowed to sign up herself plus one of other member.  If it says Member +3, that means the member can reserve her spot plus UP TO 3 other members.  


Members may cancel or modify their tee times up until 7PM the Friday prior to the Tuesday event date. 

Cancellations after the deadline are considered a late cancellation and  must be done by sending an email before the start of play (the first tee time) to  Sweeps, Tournaments or Events depending on the round type. A member with 5 late cancellations in a 12 month period will be suspended from play for 30 days. The member will be removed from the tee sheets and will not be allowed new tee time reservations during the suspension period.

No Shows

Members who do not cancel their tee time reservation by the start of play will be considered a no show. A member with 3 no shows in a 12 month period will be suspended from play for 30 days. The member will be removed from the tee sheets and will not be allowed new tee time reservations during the suspension period.

If it is raining or forecast to rain on a sweeps or tournament day, you must cancel your tee time in order to avoid a no show fee. The cancellation and no show policies stated above, along with the respective fines, will apply.

The date on which the championship is held will vary from year to year based on dates set by the city.

Regardless of when the championship is held, a member must meet the following criteria to participate in the club championship:

  • must be in good standing as of 28 days prior to the first round of the championship.
  • must play in and complete a minimum of THREE (3) TPWGC events prior to the first round of the championship. Only rounds played during the calendar year in which the championship is held will count towards eligibility.

All members must adhere to the Cart Rules when riding. Keep carts a minimum of 30 feet from the greens and tees. Carts must be kept on the the fairway or cart paths when cart path only is in effect

Players will be notified if there are deviations to these rules.

One round per month will be designated as Ace Day. Ace winners are the players with the low gross and low net over the field.  A player may win only once in each category during the year.

At the end of the year, Ace winners will compete in the Ace of Aces tournament. If a player qualified in both gross and net, she must decide which category she will compete in.

Members who have a hole in one during TPWGC play days are eligible to receive a $100 credit to their sweeps account.

In order to qualify for the credit, the player must email the Rules Director with the following information along with a photo of the scorecard.

First and Last Name
Course played (North or South)
Hole Number
Club Used
Name of playing partners.

Your $100 sweeps credit will be posted to your account once the hole in one details have been posted and accepted.


Members are allowed only one guest at a time with a limit of two guests per year. The guest must be a female 18 years of age or older and may play only 1 time per year.

The guest’s name and email must be sent to the Membership Director and Club President immediately after sign up for tracking and potential membership information.

The member and guest will only be allowed to play in one of the last three tee times. The member will be responsible for the guest’s no show or late cancel fines.

If a member requests to be put on the tee sheet two weeks prior to play, the guest will need to be removed.  Members have priority over guests.

The guest will count as a plus 1 for the registration. Additional members can be signed up ONLY if the registration type allows it per the calendar schedule.

Guests are NOT eligible for any sweeps or tournament winnings.

A guest must present a valid City Resident card or she will be charged non-resident rates. 

No caddies, instructors or galleries are permitted during TPWGC rounds including tournaments and special events.

A non-player shall NOT be permitted to accompany a member on any Tuesday Playdays, no matter the course.

Local Rules

Disregard course-posted Local Rules and the information on the course scorecard. The local rules below supersede the local rules published by Torrey Pines Golf Course.

Perimeter fences and white staked posts mark the out of bounds areas. In addition, the Driving Range, Maintenance Yard, and Clubhouse area including all surrounding pavement and Snack Bar at hole #9 (North) are out of bounds (OB).

You have the following options if your ball is OB or lost NOT in a penalty area:

  1. Go back to the spot of your previous stroke and play from there with a 1 stroke penalty. 
  2. Use the local rule for alternative to stroke and distance (NOT IN EFFECT AT CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP OR ACE OF ACES): If the player has not played a provisional ball, she may take a 2 stroke penalty and drop within 2 club lengths in the fairway closest to where the ball might have gone out of bounds or considered lost.

Please refer to this diagram for a visual explanation of your options

All canyons adjacent to the golf course and  are to be played as red penalty areas unless otherwise marked. 

A ball in a red penalty area may be played as it lies or you can take relief with a penalty using one of the options in this diagram.

The water in front of the #18 green on the South Course is to be played as a yellow penalty area.

A ball in a yellow penalty area can be played as it lies or you can take relief with a penalty using one of the options in this diagram. If the ball enters the water on the green side of the water, you must take relief on the other side off the water. Taking lateral relief is NOT an option.

It is mandatory that you take free relief from Turf Nurseries and Staked Trees.  You must take a drop within 1 club length of the nearest point of complete relief, but no closer to the hole.

If the sprinkler head is within 2 Club lengths of the green, and the ball is within 2 Club lengths of the sprinkler head AND the sprinkler head is on the line of play, take relief by dropping with 1 club-length of nearest point of relief, but no closer to hole

If a ball lies on or touches a sod seam or an aeration hole in the General Area, a player may take relief by dropping within one-club of where the ball lies, no closer to the hole. On the Putting Green, the player may place a ball at the nearest point away from the sod seam or aeration hole.

Players will be notified prior to starting play if Preferred Lies is in effect. When a player’s ball lies in the General Area cut Fairway height or less (fairways and fringe of green only) player may take relief once by placing the ball in the General Area within one club length of where the ball lies, no closer to the hole.

This rule does not apply to a ball that comes to rest in the rough.

Additional information on rules can be found on the USGA website or you can email our Rules Director with specific questions.

You are also encouraged to download the USGA Rules of Golf app which is available for free for Android and iOS

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