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Club Championship Registration

The Club Championship Registration will Open at 7PM on October 19. Registration, tournament details as well as information on playing after the field are available on the tournament portal: 

Please use a current browser program such as Chrome. The page may not work properly if using Internet Explorer

You will need your  Golf Genius user name and password to access the page.


Club News

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Red Penalty Areas

In July we talked in depth about Yellow Penalty Areas, this month we’re going to look at relief options from Red Penalty Areas

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rake bunkers

Care of the course: Bunkers

Mary’s Rules Corner Special Edition: Care of the course- smoothing bunkers Golf courses pulled the rakes from bunkers as part safety measures during the COVID19

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Yellow Penalty Areas

Penalty areas on a golf course are marked as yellow penalty area or red penalty area with each having different relief options.  Today’s article will

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