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Reserving a TPWGC Tee Time

Reserving a TPWGC Tee Time

A message from your Sweeps Co-Directors Regarding Tee times Hello TPWGC Members! Wow! Tuesday’s tee time sign ups were crazy. The entire tee sheet filled in less than three minutes. The City reduced the number of tee time we have each date. We definitely saw the full effect of 20 less tee times in our outing.…

Contacting TPWGC members

Contacting other TPWGC members

Are you looking to contact fellow TPWGC members? Our new website and GG (USGA TM Golf Genius) integration requires us to keep certain personally identifiable information private.  That means that giving members full access to TPWGC member’s email, phone number etc is prohibited. But, there is a solution. You are able to message fellow member…