Scoring at TPWGC using GG

All TPWGC rounds are to be reported using the USGA TM Golf Genius (GG app) beginning with the January 5th round.  We will NOT be using GGID’s and you should continue to use your email and password to use the GG app.

Please go to the Day of Play Procedures page to read through the NEW process, NEW posting deadlines and to access links to download both the Android and iPhone/iPad apps.

You can download the 2 page mobile app and scoring instructions for easy reference HERE.

Please make sure that you have downloaded the app and are familiar with the process BEFORE you come to the golf course.

What about the GHIN App?

The GHIN app should be used to report scores for rounds not played with the club. If you belong to another club, please follow their policies on score reporting for their rounds.

Change can be difficult but it's necessary

We realize that all the changes might seem uncomfortable and foreign but I can assure you that they were done in order to bring the club to a point where we can take advantage of current technology.

You have an entire team here to help you and you should not hesitate to contact us.  Full board information can be found HERE.

Your GG team is:

Technology/App/Website issues: Laura Borja,

Weekly sweeps days tee time or round questions: Linda Holmgren,


Roam from Home: Michelle and Karen,

Wishing you all a great 2021 on and off the course. 🏌️

Laura Borja
Web Director | TPWGC