Reserving a TPWGC Tee Time

A message from your Sweeps Co-Directors Regarding Tee times

Hello TPWGC Members!

Wow! Tuesday’s tee time sign ups were crazy. The entire tee sheet filled in less than three minutes. The City reduced the number of tee time we have each date. We definitely saw the full effect of 20 less tee times in our outing. Please understand this is out of our control. The City decides what days we play and how many spots they make available to us.

Many of you also noticed the letters TBD on the tee sheet. This is done by Golf Genius to allow a member to reserve more spots when the round allows. The Feb 8th round is Member+1. When a member chose a tee time, GG put TBD in the next square to save the spot while the member puts in the second name. When we have a round that is M+3, you will see 3 TBD’s filled in next to the member’s name. Once the member confirms the reservation, the TBDs(1 or 3) will disappear and you will either see a member’s name in the spots or the spots will be available for reservation. We have no control of the TBD’s or how Golf Genius operates.

Several of you have reached out to be on a waiting list. We will do what we can to get you in. For our Jan 4 outing the City did give back some tee times about 10 days out. We are hoping for that again for the February 8th round.

If you are on the tee sheet and think you might not be able to make it, please cancel as soon as possible.

You can process the cancellation yourself until 7pm on the Friday before play as stated in our tee times sign up page. For this date that will be 2/4. 

To cancel your Tee time:

Go to the portal which you can access directly at
or from the website using the 2022 Tee times button on the front page or “Sign Up” under the Play menu.

Your name should auto populate, if it doesn't pick it from the drop down list then hit the cancel registration button. Make sure you confirm the cancellation before closing the window.

Hopefully, things won’t be so crazy with a lot more dates coming each month.  We are working hard at giving all members equal opportunity to sign up and play.  Members are going to have to work hard too to get a tee time. It’s just the way it is this year.

Thanks for your understanding.

Linda Holmgren- Sweeps Tee Times Director
Sandy Wichelecki- Sweeps Results Director