Goodbye USGA TM app, Hello Golf Genius app

USGA has decided to no longer offer the USGA TM app as part of their service as of January 1st, as a result, the app will no longer be supported and must be replaced by the Golf Genius Mobile App.

As a reminder, your USGA TM Club Premium account will switch to Golf Genius TM Club Premium on January 1, 2022. As a result, the USGA TM Mobile App will no longer be supported and will need to be replaced by the Golf Genius Mobile App.

You need to remove the USGA TM App from your device and download the Golf Genius App (if it is not already installed). This mobile app provides the same user experience as the USGA TM Mobile App.

Players who log into the latest version of the USGA TM App after December 31 will be presented with instructions to either open or download the Golf Genius TM App (as shown below). These messages will only appear for those who have downloaded the latest app update (through manual or auto-updates).

Players who do not have the latest update installed (typically those without auto-update enabled) will not receive the pop-up message and will continue to have access to the USGA TM App for VERY short  period of time. Because this app will no longer be supported, users with access issues should download the Golf Genius TM App before reporting an issue to us.

Downloading the app

Players who don't already have the app download them here:

Android – Get the App

iOS- Get the App

All board members and appointees are aware of the change and are more than happy to help should you be playing with one of them or see them on the course the day of play.

You may direct all specific questions and issues to me.

Laura Borja
Web Director
Email me:
Call or text: 619-992-4061