Meeting minutes

Attendees:  Jan Kelleher, Michi Nakamura, Linda Holmgren, Mary Shepperd, Kitty Masters, Laura Borja, Cindi Velazquez, Masako Schleifer, Cindy Demming, Sandy Wichelecki, Patty Russell, Susan Boeshart

Absentees:  Michelle Natalier, MC Eastman, Judy Dennis

President Jan Kelleher opened the meeting at 10:10 am.

President Kelleher reported that the minutes from the September meeting are being finalized and will be sent out to the board for review and approval. She also gave thanks to Mary Shepperd for creating a spreadsheet for reviewing today’s agenda.

The first order of business is the upcoming Special Use Permit (SUP) in negotiations with the city golf course management for 2022.

President Kelleher gave an overview of the meetings and discussions with Scott Bentley, John Howard and Matty Reyes of Torrey Pines Golf management regarding the terms of a new SUP going forward. The plan is to make a one-year agreement, instead of the usual 3 year permit, to see if the agreement is suitable.

President Kelleher presented the latest proposal from the course management regarding financial changes to the SUP. The group discussed the options and ultimately decided to pursue the option that most closely aligns with TP men’s club.

Although the SUP is not finalized, the decision requires the TPWGC to increase dues for 2022 in anticipation of the increased city fees. The decision was made for a $210 fee for new members and $175 for renewing membership.

President Kelleher stated that the club needs to move forward with the renewal process for 2022. Membership director, Cindi Velazquez, stated that renewals could begin by November 15 and they must be made through SCGA. A communication will go out to all members regarding these changes and instructing them how to renew.

Slate of officers for next year

Laura Borja, Web Director, reminded the group that the slate of officers for next year will need to be posted on the website. Members will have 5 days to vote via the website.  The nominating committee will need to get the slate to her to post by Nov 15.  She will run testing on the voting functions prior to the release.

New Business: Linda Holmgren, Sweeps Co-director, raised the issue of increased late cancellations and missed tee times. She recommended increasing fines and penalties. This item will be tabled and reviewed for 2022.

Also proposed was a plan to change Board member sign up to single person only. This will be implemented going forward.

President Kelleher adjourned the meeting at 11:40 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Boeshart |TPWGC Secretary