Meeting minutes

TPWGC August 1, 2023 Board Meeting

Attendees: Sandy Wichelecki , Michi Nakamura, Linda Holmgren, Yuna Lenehan, Kitty Masters, Laura Borja, Cindi Velazquez, Gina Menicucci, Susan Boeshart, Michelle Natalier, Soo Lee

Absent: MC Eastman (marshaling), Cindy Deming, Jan Kelleher

President Wichelecki called the meeting to order at 12:10 PM.

She addressed the following three business items:

  • Minutes: A motion was MSP to approve the minutes of the April 26, 2023 Board meeting.
  • Donations: The first of 2023 Charitable donations has been made to the Deb Long foundation (SCGA). The next scheduled donation will go to SD Parks and Recreation (Undertow Golf event) this quarter.
  • Pace of play: The Board’s marshaling efforts appear to be effective. In her next communication to the membership, President Wichelecki will encourage players to enter their scores in promptly after play to ensure more accurate tracking. She will also advise a check in with the starter at the turn and after hole #18 to note the time and to contact Matty Reyes directly when public players are slowing play.



Treasurer Kitty Masters reported a cash balance of $22,492.54 and equity of $21,752.55 as of 6/30/23.

She also advised the Board that her term of office will end in December. In light of that, she suggested that President Wichelecki replace the past President as an authorized signer on the bank account to ensure seamless transition for next year’s treasurer. She also reported her efforts to secure a reasonably priced accounting system to replace QuickBooks.

Treasurer Masters and Sweeps Accountant, Gina Menicucci, stated that for next year, the board position of Sweep Accountant could easily be folded into the treasurer duties, as the scope has been narrowed. A motion was MSP to make this change effective next year.


Michelle Natalier, Director asked for any feedback on the monthly newsletter be forwarded to her.


Director, Cindi Velasquez reported that the club has 281 members and that a few have joined in the recent months. She presented scannable posters and business cards that link to our club website. These were supplied by SCGA.

Cindi will also ensure the website accurately reflects membership requirements that align with the LPGA gender policy.

Hadicap: No Report


Yuna Lenehan raised the issue of extending the “lost ball” provision in our local rules to apply to tournaments, as well. She advised that the ruling is intended to help pace of play by offering an option to take a 2 stroke penalty in lieu of stroke and distance.

She reported that some of our members are still not clear on the proper relief procedures on hole #12 on the North Course and that some are using range finders that also give slope information. She plans to use the newsletter to do some additional rules education.


Laura Borja, Director, reported that have been some ongoing problems with Golf Genius. These include log-in problems and display of sweeps results. She will continue to monitor.

New Business:

City golf-related activities: President Wichelecki advised that the club’s responsibility is to provide information to the membership about these events rather than to promote or to influence any specific action or outcome.

Sweeps Day Marshal: Our marshaling efforts will continue indefinitely and board members are urged to sign up for open dates.

Club Championship: President Wichelecki stated that there were some issues with the recent championship needing further review by the tournament committee.

After some discussion, a motion was MSP to return to previously established eligibility requirements for this tournament. The website verbiage will be modified to reflect this.


Next Board meeting: 11/7/23 (after sweeps)

President Wichelecki adjourned the meeting at 1:42 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Boeshart, Secretary TPWGC