Meeting minutes

TPWGC April 26, 2023 Board Meeting

Attendees: Gina Menicucci, Soo Lee, Kitty Masters, Sandy Wichelecki, Laura Borja, Linda Holmgren, Michi Nakamura, Cindy Deming, Cindi Velasquez, Susan Boeshart

Absent: MC Eastman, Jan Kelleher, Eunhwa Lenehan, Michelle Natalier

President Wichelecki called the meeting to order at 1PM.

President Wichelecki asked for approval of the minutes of January’s meeting. A motion was MSP to approve the minutes.

President Wichelecki addressed the issue of slow play on sweeps days. According to the course management and our tracking, it has improved overall. The course expects those playing before 8 am to play in 4 hours and in 4.5 hours after 8.

A system has been developed to track start and finish times that can be compared with the course’s tracking reports. President Wichelecki encouraged board members to start as close to the scheduled tee time as possible to assure accurate tracking and keep the field on pace. She has also initiated an effort to marshall our group on play days and requested board members to volunteer for the coming months.

There is also an ongoing effort to track donations and any volunteer hours dedicated to “growing the game of golf”. Any activities of that kind should be reported to Michelle Natalier.



Treasurer Kitty Masters reported a bank balance of $60,481.14 and equity of $43,641.54, as of end of March. The sweeps account balance is $16,777.65 and a check for this amount will be forwarded this month to the Pro Shop. This will initiate the transfer of accounting responsibility.  Additionally, a $19,320 assessment is due to the City this month per the latest Special Use Permit (SUP).

Membership Director, Cindi Velasquez, reported that the club has now 278 members, including 41 new members.  She plans to contact former members who did not renew this year to update them on the rescinded $20 “access fee”, in an effort to encourage them to rejoin the club.


Director, Linda Holmgren has been tracking late cancellations and no shows and distributed a YTD list. She will continue to monitor.

Director Holmgren also reported that some scorecard problems have emerged when Golf Genius is scoring 9 hole games. She will include more detailed instructions for entering scores when a player doesn’t finish a hole on these games.

She also reported that her efforts to have the North course restroom cleaned have been successful.

Sweeps Results:
No report.

No report.

Sweeps Accountant:
Director, Gina Menicucci reported that the transfer of sweeps accounting responsibility to the Pro Shop has begun. Beginning this month, she will collect member winnings data from Golf Genius and forward on a monthly basis. As she will no longer receive copies of the pro shop receipts, members will need to work with the pro shop to resolve any balance discrepancies. She will draft a communication explaining the details for distribution to the membership.

Gina also reported that unclaimed sweeps balances for non-renewing members totaling $1,205 was returned to the general fund.

Rules: The header on the website rules area has been changed to “Rules Corner”.

Laura Borja, Director, proposed to the group limiting the amount or frequency of email blasts to the membership to maintain a level of interest and effectiveness. President Wichelecki plans to provide an updated “President’s Message” on the website, in addition to her piece in the monthly newsletter.

Laura also reported that adding guests to the tee sheet has been problematic. She will coordinate with the sweeps team to make improvements in the process.

Michelle Natalier requests feedback and suggestions for the monthly newsletter.

Director Cindy Deming reminded the group about the next tournament in May. She asks that those board members wishing to play contact her directly.

Old Business:

  • $2,500 has been budgeted for donations this year. The club plans to make a monetary donation to the same 3 entities as last year, in the same amounts – one per quarter.

New Business:

  • Those board member who volunteer to marshall our play dates are asked to schedule with Sandy and contact Matty Reyes for an orientation prior to duty.
  • The course management has requested that we offer to the membership opportunities to volunteer to marshall for the public and to fill divots. Both of these program are ongoing and require commitment to training, vetting and scheduled shifts. President Wichelecki will include this information in her next communication to the membership.
  • President Wichelecki asked for assistance in maintaining the newly developed pace of play tracking system and coordinating board marshalling. Gina Menicucci volunteered to assist.

President Wichelecki called for the next Board Meeting in the 3rd quarter. August 1st, after sweeps play was selected. Sweeps Director will coordinate early tee times for board members to accommodate. The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Boeshart, Secretary TPWGC