Hi Everyone,

Thank you for supporting our pace of play requirements.  I really appreciate you being keenly aware of the importance of keeping up with the group in front of you.


A big thank you to all of you who signed up to help at Junior Worlds and the City Am tournaments that are coming up.  Please email Michelle if you have signed up so we can keep track of our volunteer hours for the city.  Remember, we need to keep track of our volunteer hours for the next SUP coming up in a couple of years.

Divoteer Program

The Divoteer program is finally getting off the ground. This involves filling divots early morning (starting at the 9th hole) or in the evening (following the last group).

This program will count as volunteer hours AND as an incentive, TPWGC will give you a preferred tee time on the day of your choice. So, round up a few of your favorite playing partners and get involved! Contact me for additional information..

Thanks all!


Sandy Wichelecki

TPWGC President