Attendees:  Patty Crigler, Masako Schleifer, Judy Dennis, Linda Holmgren, Jan Kelleher, Brenda Hetherington, Ellen Kohls, Susan Boeshart, Michi Nakamura, Patty Russell, Fran McClure 

Absentees:  Kitty Masters, Mary Middleton, MC Eastman 

President Jan Kelleher opened the online Board meeting at 8:16 am.   The meeting was a continuation of a previous Board meeting, held on August 12, 2020.


President:  Jan Kelleher opened a discussion on looking into having a new website designed that would better serve the needs of the Club and the transition to the Golf Genius portal.  Jan, Patty Crigler, and Brenda Hetherington are serving on the Committee to oversee the possible change over to a new website.

Vice-President/Tournament:  Patty Crigler reported that there are 77 members signed up for the Club Championship in September.  This is the largest field the Club has had in many years.
There will be the usual two holiday tournaments in the fall.  They will be held on November 17 and December 8. The formats will be announced later. There will not be shotgun starts as in the past but consecutive tee times.  There will not be a Holiday Luncheon this year due to Covid-19.

Secretary:  No report
Treasurer:  see Minutes of August 12 meeting

Sweeps Director:  Linda Holmgren recommended that we increase the fines for members who do not keep their scheduled tee times (no-shows) and do not contact the Sweeps Director and/or the Pro Shop with a cancellation.  The fine was increased to $15 for a first no-show; $20 for a second no-show; $30 for a third no-show and a suspension of tee time privileges.

Sweeps Results:  Ellen Kohls reported that $3676 has been awarded in sweeps winnings so far this year and that there is $4364 remaining in the sweeps budget.

Sweeps Accountant:  No report
 Membership:  No report
Handicap:  No report

Rules:  After testing, Susan Boeshart reported that a few changes need to be made so that the Hole-in-One form posted on the website is accessible to members.

Social:  Judy Dennis reported that the Hilton has returned the Club’s $1000 deposit made to secure the date and room for the Holiday Luncheon that has been cancelled.

Webmaster:  Brenda Hetherington encouraged the Board to have as many members as possible become familiar with the workings of any new website the Board wishes to adopt in the future.  For the sake of continuity, she hopes that any new Webmaster would join the Board with previous experience knowing and working with the new website.

SCGA Representative:  No report
President Kelleher adjourned the meeting at 9:38 am.

Respectfully submitted,F
Fran McClure
TPWGC Secretary