Attendees:  Jan Kelleher, MC Eastman, Michi Nakamura, Patty Russell, Patty Crigler, Judy Dennis, Susan Boeshart, Linda Holmgren, Mary Middleton, Patty Crigler, Kitty Masters, Masako Schleifer,

Ellen Kohls, Fran McClure, Cindi Velazquez, Mary Shepperd

Absentees:  Brenda Hetherington

President Jan Kelleher opened the meeting at 12:40 pm.

Old Business:

Jan reported the results of the vote taken to revise the By-laws to change the title of Webmaster to Web Director and to grant that position a vote on Board matters.  There were 119 members who voted:  117 members voted for the revision and 2 members voted against it.

Jan reported that the Club’s website will be redesigned for 2021.  The website committee is looking into options for the changeover from LA Golf who is phasing out of their business.  The goal of the new website is be simple and straightforward and to provide easy access to the Golf Genius portal.

Reports:  President Jan Kelleher presented the proposed slate of Board Members for 2021.  It is as follows:

President – Jan Kelleher
VP/Tournaments – Patty Crigler
Secretary – Susan Boeshart
Treasurer – Kitty Masters
Sweeps Directors:
Tee Times – Linda Holmgren
Results – Ellen Kohls
Accounts:  Masako Schleifer
Handicap:  Michi Nakamura
Rules:  Mary Shepperd
Membership:  Cindi Velazquez
Social:  Judy Dennis
Web Director:  Laura Borja
Parliamentarian – Patty Russell

The slate will soon be posted on the website for thirty days, during which time the membership may vote yea or nay.

VP/Tournaments:  Patty Crigler reported that she is trial testing the Golf Genius portal with Board Members focusing on tee time sign-ups and scoring and posting of rounds played.  It is a work in progress and Patty hopes it will be available for use at the Holiday Scramble on December 15.  When ready, Patty will send detailed information to all members on how to access and use Golf Genius.

Treasurer:  Kitty Masters reported that as of September 30, 2020, the Club’s cash balance is $41,180.98.  Net assets (net of Club’s liabilities including Sweeps) are $16,281.77.

Sweeps Director – Tee Times:  Linda Holmgren reported that the City has given the Club a tentative schedule for 2021.  Due to scheduling conflicts with the US Open, there are only 24 dates scheduled for play at Torrey Pines, down from 36 dates this year.  Some of the dates given are tentative so the number may be as low as 21 or as high as 25.  To supplement Torrey dates, Linda will try and schedule Play Away sweeps days at other courses in the County.  She has scheduled the Club to play at Maderas Golf Club on January 19.  The fee is $99 which includes a cart.  More information will follow regarding the 2021 schedule as the City firms up its calendar.

Membership:  Mary Middleton reported that 29 new members have applied for 2021 membership.  Current members begin the renewal process on November 1.  Mary will send out information on how to renew membership and pay dues.  

There were no other Reports.
President Kelleher adjourned the meeting at 1:22 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Fran McClure
TPWGC Secretary