Board Election

Proposed 2023 TPWGC Board.

It is election time!

As required by our club bylaws, membership is being presented with a slate of candidates nominated to fill the 2023 TPWGC Board positions. 

Voting will begin on December 10, 2022, 30 days after the posting of this article. Current members will receive an email on that day containing a link to a voting form. Members will be asked to either approve each candidate or offer an opposing candidate’s name for that office. 

If no offices are contested, the slate of candidates being presented will be deemed to be accepted.

If any of the offices are contested, then a 2nd round of voting for those contested offices will begin on December 18, 2022 and close on December 24, 2022 at 6PM. The winner of each contested position will be determined by a simple majority.

The elected officers will be installed on December 31,2022 and will take office on January 1, 2023.


You may contact one of the following board members with any questions regarding the candidates

Club President – Jan Kelleher :

Michi Nakamura –

M.C. Eastman –