TPWGC Supports Local Golf Community Organization.

TPWGC was well represented at the recent Pro Kids Women’s Golf Tournament, an annual event with a Halloween theme. 

ProKids Women's Tournament 2022
Photo Credit: First Tee San Diego

The tournament, hosted at Colina Park Golf Course, helps raise awareness, funds and support for Pro Kids, one of the golf community organizations we proudly support and align with. 

Our club was a platinum sponsor of the event as was TPWGC member, Suzanne Latour.

TPWGC members in the community
In this photo: TPWGC Member and Tournament Platinum Sponsor Suzanne LaTour with Pro Kid Christiana
TPWGC Members at ProKids Tournament
In this photo: TPWGC member Patty Crigler, TPWGC Board Members Jan Kelleher, Michi Nakamura and Susan Boeshart along with Pro Kid Annabelle

Each foursome was paired with a PRO KID which created great fellowship between the young and the not so young.  Costumes ranged from scary skeletons to sweet candy! 

TPWGC at ProKids San Diego Golf Tournament
In this photo: Annie Shin, Lorrie Roshek (TPWGC), Pro Kid Bella, Loretta Knittel (TPWGC) and Vicki Morton
TPWGC members in the commiunity
In this photo: Deb Patterson (TPWGC), Ann Dynes (TPWGC), Robin Stark (TPWGC), Barbara Savaglio and Pro Kid Ada Lee

Fun But Fierce

Even though the tournament is a fun, relaxed event, competition was fierce, resulting in a card-off between two teams that separated PRO KID twin sisters, Ada and Annabelle Lee. 

Ada was on the winning team alongside Ann Dynes, Deb Patterson, Robin Stark and Barb Savaglio. 

Annabelle’s team with Jan Kelleher, Patty Crigler, Susan Boeshart and Michi Nakamura came in close second.

A big thank you to all TPWGC members for supporting and participating in this event.  

Please let us know about your efforts in the community to support the growth of golf among youth, women and the under represented.  Send info and photos to