Meeting minutes

Attendees: Jan Kelleher, Michi Nakamura, Linda Holmgren, Mary Shepperd, Kitty Masters, Laura Borja, Cindi Velazquez, Masako Schleifer, Cindy Deming, Sandy Wichelecki, Michelle Natalier, Susan Boeshart

Absentees: MC Eastman, Patty Russell

President Jan Kelleher opened the meeting on January 12, 2022 at 12:07 pm

President Kelleher asked Kitty Masters, Treasurer, to present the working budget for 2022. Kitty reviewed the various fixed costs that are currently known. The other budget items are not yet final but have a projected cost until more is known from a finalized SUP from the City.

There was some discussion about making changes to sweeps payouts and potential budgets for the “Roam” play dates at alternative courses. The Sweeps and Tournaments estimated budgets were proposed. Kitty stated that these budgets can be adjusted as needed going forward. She will send out a revised working budget following the meeting.

President Kelleher then presented a proposal for support of two of the San Diego area golf foundations ( SD Parks Foundation and Pro Kids) as a way for the club to add more value to the community. Rules Director, Mary Shepperd, also proposed a one-time donation to SCGA Junior Golf Program. A motion was MSP to move both of these items forward. A summary of this decision will be drafted for website posting.

Mary Shepperd was asked to summarize gist the meeting between Craig Kessler, SCGA Director of Governmental Affairs and John Heaney, SCGA Executive Director with Scott Bentley and John Howard of TP course management. She stated that they met to discuss the USGA and SCGA’s emphasis on growing the game of golf, especially focusing on women and juniors, and express their concerns about our recent SUP conversations.

President Kelleher asked Sweeps Accountant, Masako Schleifer, to comment on progress toward improvement in the current system with expenditures in the Pro
Shop. Masako stated that she is hopeful of working with her contact there, but progress has been slow.

Linda Holmgren, Sweeps Director, presented the current play day and sweeps tee times scenario. There are fewer tee times allotted by the City and many members are having trouble securing them in the current Golf Genius (GG) set up. She has created a wait list process in order to equitably manage cancellations. She plans to change the sign up format to only one “member plus three” play day per month to allow more access for members. An explanation of how the GG “TBD” works will also be communicated to the membership in the hopes of easing sign ups.

President Kelleher adjourned the meeting at 1:49 pm..
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Boeshart
TPWGC Secretary