TPWGC Sweeps account Balances

Sweeps Account Update

As on April 1, 2023, TPWGC sweeps account balances have been transitioned to the Torrey Pines Golf Shops. 

Member account balances will be managed by the pro shop ongoing. The Torrey Pines Golf Shop has received each members sweeps balance as of April 1, 2023.

How it will work.

TPWGC board will provide the golf shop with the sweeps winning for each tournament at the end of each month. Therefore, if you win a tournament the second week of the month, your winnings will not be available until the following month.

The pro shop will track ongoing member sweeps winnings and deduct purchases. Members may call the pro shop or talk to pro shop employees to check sweeps balances.

TPWGC members have access to all 2023 tournament results via Golf Genius and can, therefore, track their winnings. The “purse summary” provides a consolidated list of winners and sweeps amounts for each tournament.

BE AWARE, the TPWGC board no longer receives copies of pro shop receipts. Discrepancies in sweeps balance deductions must be handled by member and pro shop. It is recommended that each member keep their pro shop receipts. TPWGC sweeps accountant can assist any member with sweeps account balance discrepancies with pro shop as needed. 

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Published on behalf of Gina Menicucci – TPWGC Sweeps Accountant