General Meeting November 12, 2019  

In the absence of President Patty Russell, Vice-President Patty Crigler opened the General Meeting at 12:35 pm. 

The proposed Board of Directors for 2020 were presented for a vote: 

               President:  Jan Kelleher

               Vice President/Tournament Director:  Patty Crigler
               Secretary:  Fran McClure
               Treasurer:  Kitty Masters
               Sweeps Director:  Linda Holmgren
               Sweeps Results:  Ellen Kohls
               Sweeps Accountant:  Masako Schleifer
               Handicap Director:  Michi Nakamura
               Rules Director: Susan Boeshart
               Membership Director:  Mary Middleton
               Social Director:  Judy Dennis
               Parliamentarian:  Patty Russell 
In addition to the Board of Directors, the following are Presidential appointments:
Webmaster:  Brenda Hetherington 
SCGA Representative:  MC Eastman 
TPWGC Secretary  Fran McClure 

 The slate of Directors for 2020 was approved by the members in attendance.

Director Reports:Tournament Co-Chair Patty Crigler announced that entries to the Holiday Team Scramble Tournament and Luncheon must be made by November 26.  All entrants must pay for the luncheon following the tournament even if they are unable to attend.  More information on the event is on the website. 

Patty also reported that the Sweeps and Tournament schedules for 2020 are now posted on the website. 

Handicap Director:  Michi Nakamura reported three major changes that will go into effect in 2020:  1)  players must now post their scores on the same day they play a round that can be posted; 2) if a player finishes a round after 14 holes, that score must be posted (holes 15-18 are scored based on the player’s handicap on each hole).  If only 13 holes are completed, the score is recorded as a 9-hole score; 3) for adjusting a score on a hole, all players, regardless of handicaps, will adjust that score to a net double bogey.  As the new year approaches, more information and examples will be given on how to adjust scores on handicap cards. 

Rules Director:  Susan Boeshart reported that the Club will adopt the following temporary Local Rule: if a player hits a ball into the rough and does not find it within one minute, that player may place, without penalty, another ball in the area of the rough where the original ball was lost.  This Local Rule will be in effect until after the Farmer’s tournament in January.  Players will be notified when the Rule is no longer in effect. 

Social Director:  Jan Kelleher reported that members playing in the Holiday Tournament are to park in the Torrey Pines Lodge parking structure.  Parking is free. There will be a shuttle taking players and their clubs to the course.  Players can leave their cars in the Lodge and walk to the Hilton for the Luncheon.  All players are requested to send their $50 checks for the Luncheon to Masako Schleifer, Sweeps Accountant, by November 26.  Masako’s address and more information on the Tournament and Luncheon are on the website. 

SCGA Representative:  MC Eastman encourages members to take advantage of our membership in SCGA which is paid as a portion of our annual dues.  Not only does SCGA provide our indexes but has tournaments for players of all skill levels and opportunities to play courses throughout Southern California.

New Business:President-elect Jan Kelleher reported that a Pace of Play Committee will be formed for the 2020 season.

The Committee will implement a new policy to improve the pace of play on sweeps days.  More details will be provided on the website and in the sign-in room when the policy is put into effect. 

Vice- President Crigler adjourned the Meeting at 12:55 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,  
Fran McClure
TPWGC Secretary 

Board of Directors Meeting   October 15, 2019

Attendees:  Patty Russell, Linda Holmgren, Patty Crigler, Judy Dennis, Kitty Masters Kat Foushee, M.C. Eastman, Michi Nakamura, June Hanaoka, Mary Middleton, Masako Schleifer, Susan Boeshart, Jan Kelleher, Ellen Kohls, Marge Cole, Mary Bradstreet, Fran McClure

Absentees:  Brenda Hetherington

President Patty Russell called the meeting to order at 11:52 am.


President:  The City has finalized the calendar for 2020.  The Club will again have the same number of play dates next year.  The calendar will be posted on the website later this fall.

VP/Tournament:  Linda Holmgren encourages members to sign up for the Turkey Trot on November 12.  It is a 7 am shotgun start.  There will be a General Meeting after play on the patio to the east of the Pro Shop.  Entries close on October 29.   

Secretary:  No report

Treasurer.  The Treasurers reported that as of September 30, 2019, the Club’s cash balance is $36,346.46.  Net assets (net of the Club’s liabilities including Sweeps money) are $16,037.35.

Sweeps Accountant:  Masako Schleifer reported that there is $14,385.45 of members’ sweeps money available in the Pro Shop.  There is a link on the website for members to check their sweeps winnings. 

Sweeps:  No report

Sweeps Results:  Ellen Kohls asks that when players sign in on the Sweeps sheet before play that they print their names – last names first, followed by the initial only of their first names.

Membership:  Mary Middleton reported that new members for 2020 may apply and pay fees online beginning on October 16, 2019.  Current members begin the renewal process on November 1, 2019.  Members are advised to check the website for complete information about 2020 renewals.  Members who have a balance of at least $110 in their Sweeps accounts, may deduct their 2020 renewal dues from their Sweeps winnings.  All members will receive an e-mail with renewal instructions on November 1.

Handicap:  Michi Nakamura reported that beginning in 2020, there will be significant changes regarding posting rounds and how to adjust scores on the Handicap cards.  Michi will be going over these changes at the General Meetings on November 12 and December 10.

Rules:  No report

Social:  Jan Kelleher reported that she is in the process of negotiating with the Hilton to get the best price possible for the Holiday Luncheon on December 10, 2019. 

Webmaster:  No report

SCGA Representative:  M.C. Eastman referred members to the SCGA website to find out information on all the events that SCGA provides for its members.  There are one-day events open to men and women of all skill levels, tournaments, and monthly deals on courses throughout Southern California. 

President Russell adjourned the meeting at 1:10 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,

Fran McClure – TPWGC Secretary

Board Meeting
August 6, 2019

Attendees: Patty Russell, Linda Holmgren, Patty Crigler, Fran McClure Judy Dennis, Kitty Masters, Masako Schleiffer, Mary Middleton, Michi Nakamura, June Hanaoka, Susan Boeshart, Brenda Hetherington, Kat Foushee, M.C. Eastman

Absentees: Jan Kelleher, Ellen Kohls, Marge Cole

President Patty Russell called the Meeting to order at 12:35 pm.


VP/Tournament: The Tournament Directors proposed that the maximum handicap a player may have in individual and partner tournaments is 36. In the foursome format of the Holiday Tournament, the maximum handicap is 40. This was approved and will go into effect in the Holiday Tournament. Tournament participants are asked to read the instructions given with their scorecards regarding posting of Tournament scores. The Tournament Committee will post scores unless noted otherwise on participants’ scorecards.

Secretary: No report

Treasurer: The Treasurers reported that as of June 30, 2019, the Club’s cash balance is $38,666.01. Net assets (net of Club’s liabilities including Sweeps) are $19,246.39

Sweeps Accountant: Masako Schleiffer reported that sweeps winnings through July are posted on the website.

Sweeps: Mary Middleton reported that Marge Cole will do tee times next year. Mary will assist Marge in collecting fees for late cancellations and no-shows.

Handicap: Michi Nakamura reported that no members have had to be fined for not posting sweeps scores. Members who were contacted for not posting scores are now regularly posting. Michi reported that she will be attending an SCGA Handicap Certification class.

Membership: Mary Middleton reported that current members may renew their membership for 2020 between November 1, 2019 and January 31, 2020. The window for new members is between October 16, 2019 and January 31, 2020. Information for both will be on the website by the end of August. It was moved, seconded, and approved to set the dues at $110 for 2020.

Webmaster: In relation to a discussion of the budget, Brenda Hetherington reported that LA Golf is paid on a yearly basis and Go Daddy every two years.

Sweeps Results: No Report

SCGA Representative: M.C. Eastman reported that she puts most of the upcoming SCGA events on the Club’s website. She encourages members to go directly to the SCGA website if they want more information on their activities.

Old/New Business: Patty Russell reported that the next Board Meeting will be on October 15

President Russell adjourned the meeting at 1:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Fran McClure


Board Meeting – May 14, 2019

Attendees:  Patty Crigler, Brenda Hetherington, Linda Holmgren, Jan Kelleher, Fran McClure, Mary Middleton, Michi Nakamura

 Absent:  Susan Boeshart, Judy Dennis, Masako Schleifer, June Hanaoka, Ellen Kohls, Kat Foushee, Patty Russell, Kitty Masters, Patty Russell, M.C. Eastman, Marge Cole 

In President Patty Russell’s absence, Vice-President Linda Holmgren opened the meeting at 12:40 pm.


President:  No report 

VP/Tournaments:  Patty Crigler reported that the Partner Better Ball Tournament has a field of 44 teams.  The Tournament Committee will pair players in stheir respective flights on the first day.  On the second day, pairings will be made according to a team’s standing after the first round of play. 

Secretary:  No report 

Treasurer:  No report 

Sweeps Accountant:  Masako Schleifer reported that non-renewing members did not spend $1276 of their sweeps money that was available in the Pro Shop until March 31.  This money was returned to the Club’s General Fund.  There is currently a balance of $12,543 of unspent sweeps money. 

Sweeps Directors:  No report 

Sweeps Results:  No report 

Handicap:  Michi Nakamura reported that there is a marked improvement in the number of players who are posting their sweeps scores within the 48-hour window.  Members are asked to review on the website the Club’s discipline policy for players who repeatedly neglect to post sweeps scores.  

Rules:  No report 

Membership:  Mary Middleton reported that the Club has 275 members.  There was a discussion regarding only accepting new members during the period for membership renewal.  For 2019, this was between October 15 and February 28.  This policy is in effect because SCGA membership begins from the date dues are received and is good for 12 months.  This does not align with the Club which operates on a calendar year from January to December.  SCGA does not have a partial or half-year membership. 

Website:  No report 

Social:  Jan Kelleher reported that the room at the Hilton has been reserved for the Holiday Luncheon on December 10, 2019.  

SCGA Representative:  No report 

New Business:  It was recommended that the $1276 transferred from the Sweeps Account to the General Fund be used to help defray costs for the Holiday Luncheon.  This will be discussed at the next Board Meeting. 

Vice-President Holmgren closed the meeting at 1:10 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,
Fran McClure
TPWGC Secretary

Torrey Pines Women’s Golf Club

Board MeetingFeb 13, 2019 

Attendees:  Patty Russell, Linda Holmgren, Patty Crigler, Judy Dennis, Michi Nakamura, Mary Bradstreet, Masako Schleifer, Jan Kelleher, June Hanaoka, Kitty Masters, Trish Getch, M.C. Eastman, Fran McClure

Absentees:  Mary Middleton, Sandyi Campbell, Susan Boeshart, Ellen Kohls, Brenda Hetherington, Kat Foushee

President Patty Russell brought the meeting to order at 3:45 pm on February 13, 2019.

Board Reports:

Vice-President/Tournament:  Patty Crigler reported that the South course will not be used for any tournaments this year due to the rehabilitation project expected to begin this month and continue through September.  The first tournament will be a two-day partner event on March 26 and February 2.  The pairings for all partner events will be done by the Tournament Committee.

Secretary:  No report

Treasurer:  Judy Dennis reported that the Club’s finances are in great condition.

Sweeps:  Mary Bradstreet reported that there were 68 no-shows and 16 members who played on February 5.  The course does not close on sweeps days when it rains.  Our tee times are reserved for play so it is necessary for players on the tee sheet to come to the course to see if conditions are playable.  Often weather conditions change and play is possible.

Sweeps Results:  No report

Sweeps Accountant:  Masako Flores reported that all but $2000 of non-renewing members’ sweeps winnings has been spent or donated.  The final date for non-members to spend their winnings is March 31.

Membership:  Mary Middleton reported that there are currently 275 members, 31 are new to the Club.  Online renewal through the SCGA went very well and members gave positive feedback for its ease of use.

Handicap:  Michi Nakamura reported that she will make a sample scorecard for sweeps days played on the South course.  It will illustrate how to score the two holes that will be under renovation and played with temporary greens.  For handicap purposes, the scores on those holes will be scored as “par plus pops”.  The sweeps competition on the South course will be medal play only – low gross and low net. 

Rules:  No report

Website:  No report

Social:  Jan Kelleher reported that she has formed a committee who will work with her in planning the Holiday Luncheon on December 10.  Trish Getch and Cathey Wade, 2018 Social Directors, were commended for December’s enjoyable Holiday Luncheon at the Hilton.

SCGA:  M.C. Eastman reported that illustrated posters of the 2019 USGA Rules changes will be displayed in the Club room.  Members are encouraged to read them and are expected to apply the revised Rules during sweeps and tournament play.  There is also a USGA Rules app that can be downloaded and used as a reference.  M.C. encourages members to check out the S.C.G.A. website for opportunities to play some great golf courses close and far.

New Business:

Michi Nakamura proposed a progressive disciplinary plan for members who habitually do not record their adjusted scores within 48 hours of a sweeps game.  After discussion, it was moved, seconded, and approved that the first infraction will be a reminder to post from the Handicap Committee; the second infraction will be a $10 fine; the third infraction will result in a 3-month suspension from Tuesday sweeps days and tournaments.

Jan Kelleher proposed the elimination of the policy requiring at least 20 competing players to constitute an official Sweeps day.  After discussion, it was moved, seconded, and approved to eliminate the 20-player requirement and award sweeps pay-outs based on the number of participants at each sweeps day.

President Russell announced future Board Meetings on April 2, June 18, and October 15, at 1:30 pm, in the Club room.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Fran McClure – TPWGC Secretary

General Meeting:  November 13, 2018 

President Patty Russell opened the meeting at 12:25. 

The 2019 slate of Directors was introduced.  It is as follows: 

            President:  Patty Russell

            VP/Tournament Directors:  Patty Crigler and Linda Holmgren

            Secretary:  Fran McClure

            Treasurer:  Judy Dennis

            Sweeps Directors:  Sandyi Campbell and Mary Bradstreet

            Sweeps Results:  Ellen Kohls and Kat Foushee

            Sweeps Accountant:  Masako Schleifer

            Handicap:  Michi Nakamura

            Rules:  Susan Boeshart

            Membership:  Mary Middleton

            Social:  Jan Kelleher 

The slate of Directors will be presented at the Holiday Luncheon for members’ approval. 

Mary Middleton, Membership Director, reported that 175 members have renewed for 2019.  Members playing on January 8, 2019, will be required to show their San Diego City resident cards. These may be purchased for $25 at Torrey Pines, Balboa Park, or Mission Bay golf courses.  Proof of residency is required in the form of a permanent California Driver License,  a copy of current California auto registration, or a current property tax bill.  These documents must have a City address.  P.O. box numbers are not accepted. 

An amendment to Article IV of the TPWGC By-Laws was proposed to delete the option of joining the Club for a half-year.  This was moved, seconded, and approved. 

Masako Schleifer, Sweeps Director, reminded non-renewing members to either spend or gift their sweeps winnings to another member by March 31, 2019.  Any unspent or undesignated sweeps money will be transferred from the Pro Shop to the Club’s General Fund.

Susan Boeshart, Rules Director, asks all returning members to review the sweeping Rules changes that will go into effect in January.  Both the USGA and SCGA websites are helpful resources to learn about the new changes.  All members are expected to play sweeps and tournament rounds according to the revised Rules. 

Handicap Director, Michi Nakamura, and the Handicap Committee recommend that members who chronically neglect to post their sweeps scores be suspended for two months of tee times.  The issue will be presented to the Board for implementation in 2019. 

Members who are playing in the Holiday Tournament and Luncheon are reminded to send a check for $50 to Trish Getch to cover the cost of lunch at the Hilton.  All information regarding the Tournament and Luncheon, including Trish’s mailing address, is on the home page of the TPWGC website.

 Respectfully submitted, 

Fran McClure

TPWGC Secretary

Board of Directors Meeting

 October 9, 2018 

Attendees:  Patty Russell, Susan Boeshart, Masako Schleifer, Ellen Kohls, June Hanaoka, Sandy Campbell, Mary Middleton, Fran McClure, Patty Crigler, Cathey Wade, Judy Dennis, Trish Getch
Absentees:  Brenda Hetherington, Linda Holmgren, Michi Nakamura, Mary Bradstreet, Kat Foushee, Beth Mascherin, M.C. Eastman
President Patty Russell opened the meeting at 1:05 pm.

Board Reports:
President:  Patty reported that the Site User Plan for 2019 will be very similar to this year’s plan with the City allotting the same number of play days and tee times.  The South course will undergo a renovation project in 2019.  It will begin in February and conclude in September.  Two holes at a time will be closed and unplayable.  The Club will direct members on how to score those holes on sweeps days.

VP/Tournaments:  Patty Crigler reported that the Club’s next tournament will be the Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot on November 13.  There will be a 7 am shotgun start.  The format will be a Partner Scramble.  Entrants will be paired by the Tournament Committee.  Entries open on October 15 and close on October 30.  Following play, there will be a short General Meeting on the south side of the Pro Shop in the patio area.

Secretary:  No report

Treasurer:  Judy Dennis reported that the Club has a $30,920 balance in the General Fund with one check outstanding.

Sweeps:  Sandy Campbell clarified that she does not assign tee times, the website does.  Because many members sign up at exactly 7 am, there are often multiple members, sometimes up to sixteen, assigned the same tee time.  She attempts to determine who signed up first and who is in each foursome and assigns tee times as fairly as possible.  The Board will contact the website provider and, hopefully, resolve this issue.

Sweeps Results:  No report

Sweeps Accountant:  Masako Schleifer reports that members have collectively over $17,000 of sweeps and tournament winnings available for use in the Pro Shop.  March 30, 2019, is the last day to redeem winnings for those members not renewing their membership in 2019. 

Handicap:  June Hanaoka reported there are still more than a few members who repeatedly neglect to record their scores after a sweeps game.

Rules:  Susan Boeshart encourages members to go to the Club’s website where there is a link to a YouTube video on the new changes in the Rules that go in effect on January 1, 2019. 

Membership:  Mary Middleton reports that membership renewal for 2019 will begin on November 1 and go through December 15.  Dues are $120.  Members who renew between December 16 through December 31, pay $130.  After January 1, 2019, renewal dues are $145. All current members will renew through the SCGA portal, using a credit card.  SCGA will also ask each member to agree with the TPWGC by-laws and policies. Renewing members who have at least $120 in their sweeps accounts may use that money for membership dues.  Contact Mary at to let her know you would like to use sweeps winnings and she will transfer them to SCGA for you.  You will not have to go through the SCGA portal.
Mary will be opening up membership for new members on October 15.  The last date to join Torrey for new members is February 28, 2019.  TPWGC will no longer have a half-year membership.  Since this is a by-law change, it will need to be voted on at the November 13, General Meeting.  This proposed by-law change will be posted on the website, one month in advance of the vote.

Hospitality:  Cathey Wade reported that she is in the process of negotiating the cost of the Luncheon to be held at the Hilton Hotel after the Holiday Tournament on December 11.

Webmaster:  No report
SCGA Representative:  No report
President Russell adjourned the meeting at 1:35 pm.
Respectfully submitted,

Fran McClure       

Board of Directors MeetingJune 26, 2018

Attendees:  Susan Boeshart, Masako Schleifer, Ellen Kohls, Brenda Hetherington, Linda Holmgren, Michi Nakamura, June Hanaoka, Sandyi Campbell, Mary Bradstreet, Mary Middleton, Fran McClure, M.C. Eastman

Absentees:  Kat Foushee, Patty Russell, Patty Crigler, Judy Dennis, Cathey Wade, Beth Mascherin, Trish Getch 

In President Patty Russell’s absence, Vice-President Linda Holmgren opened the meeting at 12:30 pm.

Board Reports:

VP/Tournaments:  Linda Holmgren reported that she has received many emails from members who have questions about sweeps issues, not tournaments.  It can be confusing because the link on the website directs members to information about Sweeps and Tournaments.  Members are asked to make sure they are directing their questions about sweeps to Sandyi Campbell at and questions about tournaments go to Linda at

Secretary:  No report

Treasurer: No report

Sweeps:  No report

Sweeps Results:  Ellen Kohls reported that on sweeps days there are not enough players signing up to play the gold tees to warrant a pay-out.  The Board voted to eliminate play from the gold tees on sweeps days for the remainder of 2018.

Sweeps Accountant:  Masako Schleifer reported that members with sweeps winnings have together accumulated more than $13,000 of credit in the Pro Shop.  Members sweeps balances are posted on the website and are updated at the end of each month.  Members not planning to renew their membership next year, must redeem their sweeps winnings by March 31, 2019, or forfeit them.

Membership:  Mary Middleton will begin taking renewal applications for 2019 on August 22.  Due to increased costs from SCGA, the website, and the City, the Board discussed the need to increase membership fees for 2019.   It was moved, seconded, and approved to increase renewal membership fees to $110.  New full-year members will pay $145; half-year members will pay $110.  Application for membership renewal will begin on August 22, and end on September 14.  Renewals accepted between September 16 and October 14, will be assessed a $15 late fee.  Applications for new members will begin on October 15.  The Club currently has 403 members.

Handicap:  Michi Nakamura reported that she is contacting members who are not posting sweeps scores within the 48-hour window after completion of play.  Disciplinary action will be taken when a member is contacted the third time for not posting a score. 

Rules:  No report

Website:  With regard to members emailing the Tournament Director about sweeps issues and the Sweeps Director about tournament issues, Brenda Hetherington will look for a way to make those two Directors’ email links easier to identify for those with questions.  In addition, Brenda reported that the cost to maintain the website in 2019 will be $400.

SCGA:  M.C. Eastman posts all SCGA events and information on the bulleting board in the sign-in room and encourages members to take advantage of SCGA tournaments and outings.

New Business:  The Board expressed interest in putting together the 2019 budget at the fall Board Meeting, October 9.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Fran McClure