Local Rules

Hello fellow TPWGC members. The board recently approved an updated set of local rules for our club. An email went out earlier this evening to all members to alert all of the changes. Since not everyone checks their email daily, please be sure to share the news with your fellow members.

The updated rules can be found on our site here: TPWGC Local Rules. The webpage uses plain language which will hopefully be easier to understand. Links to diagrams were also included which you might find helpful in understanding the rules. 

Available resources

You can download the following documents directly from page section mentioned above.

1) Full Detail of all Local Rules. This document uses precise USGA Rules language with references to Model Local Rules and Committee Procedures that are underlying our Local Rules.

2) Highlights of Local Rules: This is the content in use on the webpage.  I suggest you print and carry this document in your golf bag as a quick reference for our local rules.

The documents are downloadable PDFs that you can print or save them to your device.

These rules are in effect immediately, but please note that Preferred Lies (Winter Rules) is only in effect when you are notified on specific days prior to play

Please consider downloading the free USGA Rules of Golf app on your phone, It is available for IOS and Android. It can come in very handy out on the course.

Local rules

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Want to know more about the Rules of Golf? The full set of the USGA Rules of Golf here: Rules and USGA Interpretations 

Reach out to me if you have questions about our new Local Rules or any aspect of the Rules of Golf. You can reach via email at  rules@tpwgc.org. I am always available to help! 

Mary Shepperd
TPWGC Rules Director.