Meeting minutes

Attendees: Jan Kelleher, Michi Nakamura, Linda Holmgren, Mary Shepperd, Kitty Masters, Laura Borja, Cindi Velazquez, Masako Schleifer, Cindy Deming, Sandy Wichelecki, Michelle Natalier, Susan Boeshart.

Absentees: MC Eastman, Patty Russell

President Jan Kelleher opened the meeting at 10:06 am.

President Kelleher reported that the club has yet to receive a finalized SUP from the City, however most of the proposed changes have been implemented. The club was successful in negotiating a lower per member fee than was initially requested by the city. Additionally, there is a new contact in the Golf Management division, Greg Gagliardy, who has been working with Cindy Deming and Linda Holmgren on scheduling and tee times.

Linda Holmgren, Sweeps Co-Director, stated that a new sweeps schedule will begin in June. We will be given additional tee times from 1 -2:12pm. She is looking for ways to ensure the times will be filled and proposed some viable incentives. These later times could be offered for complete foursomes or guests with some additional workarounds. Sandy Wichelecki, Sweeps Co-Director, offered to draft a communication to the membership that will provide an update on the additional tee times and explain the process for sign ups.

Kitty Masters, Treasurer, presented the working budget for 2022. As of April 30, total assets are $70,447.51. She reviewed the various fixed costs and requested additional information regarding some of the projected expenses for website hosting and Golf Genius.

There was some discussion about making changes to sweeps payouts and increasing budgets for Sweeps and Tournaments. Kitty will work work out the details and provide adjusted budgets for the remainder of the year.

Rules Director, Mary Shepperd, moved that the board provide a $15 refund for all members for year 2022, due to the lower than expected city fees. This motion as
agreed to by all and the amount will be added to members’ sweeps accounts. Cindy Deming, Tournament Director, will draft a communication about this action to be emailed to the membership.

After receiving the final projections, Kitty will send out a revised budget.

Michelle Natalier gave a summary of the issues that necessitated cancelling of the away event planned for Aviara. She proposed targeting late September for scheduling another event.

Laura Borja, Web Director, reported that some members who use an iPhone for golf genius activity are encountering problems. Members who need help should contact Laura for assistance.

President Kelleher adjourned the meeting at 11:06 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Boeshart
TPWGC Secretary