Temporary modifications to the North Course

In preparation for the US Open, Torrey Pines has made some temporary modifications to the course that membership needs to be aware of.

Nines are reversed

Reversal of the Nines

The nines have been reversed. You will start on what was previously #10 and finish on what was previously #9, just like the old days before the course renovation!
Please pay close attention as you are recording your scores. The course score cards and the USGA TM app may not reflect the changes. You will be teeing off on a par 5 as your first hole. If the app doesn't reflect that, it means you need to start scoring on hole #10

Temporary tee box and green

Hole #1, now being played as the 10th hole of the round, has a temporary tee. The slope and course rating have been adjusted by USGA for this change.  This hole will be played and scored normally from the temporary tees.

Hole #18, now being played as the 9th hole of the round, has a temporary green that has been determined is essentially unplayable as a standard putting green.  Since the Rules of Golf do not allow for modified scoring such as “automatic two putts, this hole is declared Out of Play for handicapping and sweeps.

The score for this hole will be recorded as PAR (4) plus any handicap strokes you receive on the hole.  

Our Handicap Director, Michi Nakamura, will be checking scores posted to ensure this hole was posted correctly.  The players have the option to play the hole or skip it. If you choose to play the hole you need to be aware that it will not count in your total score.


These temporary measures will be in place until the North Course is restored  to its original condition after the US Open.  Membership will be notified when this hole is back in play.

Please contact the Rules Director, Mary Shepperd, with any question about how to post your score.  You can reach her via EMAIL or by sending us a message through the Contact us page