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Ace, Ace, Ace!!!

We have our second Hole In One this year!  It was a tough day on the south course on Tuesday ( or at least it was for  me, LOL ) but the 11th hole was no match for Donna Evans.

Donna managed to get the little white ball to go in the hole with just one swing! 

TPWGC- Donna Hole In One

Here are the facts

Golf course: Torrey Pines South Date: 5/11/2021
Hole: 11th
Distance: 110
Club: 7 hybrid
Witnesses: Pat Lafser, Cathy Wright and Susan Kwan

Make sure you congratulate her next time you see her!

Donna’s perfect swing has earned her a $100 credit to her sweeps account!

That’s right, a hole in one during a TPWGC round will earn you $100 so don’t be shy and let us know next time you get an ace. You can find instruction on how to submit your hole in one info HERE


Who’s next?