Ladies ,
I want to say thank you for your patience and congratulate you all on your adaptation to our new Golf Genius software.

The past three months has had its challenges  with scoring and tee time sign ups , but it’s all working out fabulously. Keep helping out your playing partners who are not so tech savvy. Getting  scores into the phone or device is a critical part of the equation.

Using the right app

Tee Time Sign Up app

I want to remind you that you should be using the official USGA TM app. It’s the one with the blue icon that looks like the one above. The “regular” Golf Genius app with the orange icon seems very similar but there are backend differences which can create issues for you and us.

Scores and results

We are working through kinks to get the leaderboard up and correct and the payouts posted as soon as possible. The scores are reviewed by a board member/golf genius manager at the end of the round and uploaded to GHIN after the 6pm deadline.

For the last three months we have emailed , texted and called members who had scores missing , partial scores or just plain disappeared. It seems to work the best if the group enters the scores at the end of the round, reviews the final scorecard on golf genius and then checks the leaderboard to see that the group appears on it. So again , put your groups gross scores , hole by hole into the USGA Tournament Management app and the rest is done!

Stay in the loop

Please keep checking the website for updates and information. This is our primary way of communicating with you all.  If you haven’t already, sign up to get notified when new articles post. You can do this by filling in your email address in the footer of this page. And speaking of email, keep your email address current and check your email to make sure you get the announcements sent through the GG Tournament Management system.

Feel free to email me and/or the board members with any questions or advice. Constructive criticism is accepted and appreciated .  Please remember, the board members are volunteers. We all give a lot of out time outside the 18 holes of golf we all play to make TPWGC the best women’s golf club in southern California.

My special thanks goes to Laura Borja, our Web Master and Technical Genius. I do not think this could have happened without her ! I want to also give a big thank to the rest of my fellow TPWGC team of Golf Genius Managers: Linda Holmgren, Michelle Natalier, Karen Bridges and Mary Shepperd.

Looking forward to smooth sailing and low golf scores ??♀️

Jan Kelleher  | TPWGC, President